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Journalism 50
Navigating the News
Spring 2024

JOUR 050, Sec. 1; 3 credit units
Monday & Wednesday, 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.

About This Course:

Current Course Materials:

These materials will be updated
throughout the semester.

Course Description

Introduction to different forms of news media we consume to become informed and engaged citizens, and how media shape our world. Development of skills to critically evaluate the credibility of news sources, distinguish between real and fake news, and examine contemporary news events and news media coverage in cultural, historical, environmental, and spatial contexts. This class is for students who aspire to be informed citizens and want to understand how media shape the world around them. Students will learn how different kinds of media work to make them better and smarter news consumers.

For More Information

Please contact Prof. Craig, either by phone at 924-3287, or by e-mail at