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I'm known by many names. In my first semester here at SJSU, everyone was calling me “The New Guy,” which got tiresome after a while. So I posted a sheet outside my office and invited students to suggest some more creative nicknames (though I requested they keep them suitable for all audiences). While this might seem to invite trouble, it's actually turned into a grand tradition.

Here are some examples from the last few semesters. I've included a few comments of my own about them.

Nickname My Comments
O.D.B. My personal favorite (I'm the one that's still alive).
The Most Interesting Man 
in the World
I'm not sure that I merit this.
The Real Slim Craigy I'm no longer slim, but I like the rap connection.
Pimp Daddy Craig What did I do to deserve this??
Dr. Maximillian For former students uncomfortable with 
calling me Richard. 
Hella Mexican I thought I was hopelessly white.
Tenacious D Craig I guess it's better than Heavy D.
C-Rizzle Keep working on those hip-hop names.
R. Craigy In the absence of R. Kelly...
Craigalicious There's probably no appropriate comment.
The Beardsman I'll accept this as long as “graying” is left out.
Momentito Man I supposedly use this word frequently
The Greatest Sarcastic Man I'll accept being the best of anything.
The Overheard Cat Burglar This has a great story behind it...
The Big Giant Head I'm afraid this is anatomically accurate
Old Scalawag From a colleague. This has character.
Craigarino What is this, “Welcome Back, Kotter”?
Paco Not sure if I can pull this off
Goose A cool name if I were still an athlete
Nitpicker Undoubtedly from a Spartan Daily student
Supreme Smarty Pants When I get tired of O.D.B., I'll be S.S.P. 
Prof Full O'Beans Read into this what you will
Sideshow Bob Probably not a compliment
Jack Nicholson OK if referring to his younger days
Quentin Tarantino Not sure if this is interesting or creepy
Jack Black I don't see it, but...
Dr. Nice-Tie Someone's kissing up to me
Cutie Pie Someone else is kissing up to me
Dr. Cool Someone's REALLY kissing up to me
Dr. Loser Someone's off my Christmas list
Dr. Strangelove I'm not touching this one
Dr. Chin This is a common theme
Jay Leno I'm neither as odd-looking nor as rich
Vinnie “The Chin” Gigante This is/was supposedly a real mobster

Want to submit your own nickname for me? E-mail me and I'll consider adding it to the list. (Since it's my site, I do maintain editorial control...)