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For my previous long-standing (very silly) intro to this page, click below:

The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation
What would Abe Lincoln's legendary speech have been like if he'd had to deliver it as a Powerpoint presentation instead? For those of us who have sat through endless presentations, this is funny beyond belief. (You can even download the presentation file.)

Rearrange My Face!
You know you've always wanted to. Angry about your midterm grade? Take it out on this tile puzzle. Inspired by a student's suggestion.

The World's Only Ass-Kicking Machine
The original page has been taken down, but you can still see what it looked like. I also like the article about it on

Shakespearean Insults
This page generates random insults from a set of nouns and adjectives that are dropped into Shakespearean speech patterns, resulting in phrases like, “Thou art a spleeny pox-marked scut!!” You can also arrange to send a friend a personalized Shakespearean insult as well, with Insults By Mail. The Internet is a truly wonderful thing.

The Automated Dave Barry Column Generator
Wanna be glib and hilarious like Dave Barry, but have no discernable writing skills? This is the site for you. Similar to the above, you fill in some blanks and a program turns the information into a customized Dave Barry column. (Who has the time to come up with these things?)

Uni Watch
The home for detail-oriented folks like myself that notice when the home team narrows the width of its hat logo or slightly alters the color of its sleeve trim.   ESPN columnist Paul Lukas oversees this marvelous site -- click here for his ESPN columns, or click here for his daily blog.

Great Quotes from Great Skeptics
A fun site that points out just how wrong brilliant people can be. Contains stuff like Einstein saying nuclear energy will never be feasible and Lord Kelvin saying that heavier-than-air flying machines will never happen. Oops.

The Quotations Page
I've kept my own private stash of favorite quotations for years, but this is a terrific site that can point you to the right turn of phrase in no time. You can search by keyword, look at the Quotes of the Day and Week, contribute a favorite quote, or use their links page to look elsewhere.
I'm a sports nut. So sue me.

XX Sports Radio 1090
My own home town's sports radio station has a web site with live audio. Great for updates on games in progress, etc.

Yahoo Humor Archives
I've been too busy to go hunting around for humor links, so I'll point you to the huge list Yahoo has compiled. Happy surfing.

David Letterman's Top 10 List Archives
The official CBS site, and pretty cool -- you can do a keyword search on previous lists. There's eight million Letterman sites out there, but you'll have to e-mail me personally to get my own story of appearing on the show a few years ago (heh, heh).

News of the Weird
My favorite national weekly column, carried by my old alma mater, the North County Times, is available here. Lots of bizarro stuff.

Darwin Awards Official Home Page
Closely related to News of the Weird but possibly even more sick, the Darwin Awards are given to the individual(s) who contribute the most to the gene pool by expiring -- in other words, they die in the most ridiculous fashion imaginable. They've modified the rules of late, allowing people who are still alive to qualify if they render themselves incapable of producing children in some strange way. My newspaper pals love this stuff.

E.O. Costello's Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion
I'm a big fan of the old Warner Bros. cartoons, and this guy puts my knowledge to shame. He's basically written a comprehensive Web reference book on the WB cartoons, and it's terrific.

Warner Bros. Animation FAQ
Less comprehensive than the above, but still answers lots of questions that people who grew up on these cartoons (like me) might have. (I'm particularly partial to the question about Yosemite Sam's reference to the old song “Open the Door, Richard.”)