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Spring 2022 Courses:
JOUR130: Media Apprentice. A deep dive into a pool of multimedia concepts, techniques and skills, while working as a student media apprentice reporter. Includes fundamentals of reporting, writing, shooting and editing, as well as storytelling in video, audio and text with photo.  
JOUR133: Editing and News Management
. Students will be taught the most important elements of being an editor in a daily newsroom setting. Subjects will include:
  • Editing for spelling, grammar, context and accuracy
  • Writing headlines, decks, kickers, cutlines, link text and other teasers
  • Generating and focusing story ideas
  • Working with reporters and other editors to produce high-quality stories.   
JOUR140B: Student Media: Spartan Daily. A team of reporters, photographers and editors will produce the Spartan Daily online publications as well as its daily newspaper and magazines. The editors will direct the coverage, including digital photography and audio/video streaming.  
Fall 2021 Courses:
JOUR130: Mass Communication and Society. See above.
JOUR133: Editing and News Management
. See above.   
JOUR140B: Student Media: Spartan Daily. See above.