Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Working With Reporters, Part 2

Working With Reporters. Part 2

For the previous assignment, you were designated as either reporter or editor.  For Part 2, you will switch roles and have new partners (see below).

This time, rather than taking a national/international story and giving it a local angle, you will flip the assignment somewhat.  You will work together to develop a story idea based on a local topic that you collectively believe deserves more attention outside our area.  The local topic can be specific to SJSU, to San Jose or to the South Bay region. 

For this assignment, you are to write a main story and a sidebar story, as discussed in class.  The story and sidebar will require a minimum of four interviews and 1000 total words across the two pieces. The main story should be longer and more general, and the sidebar shorter and more specific.  

You will meet in your assigned groups for the rest of the class period, then present your story ideas next time.  The story will be due a week from Monday.  

I will remain on the Zoom call while you work today, in case you have questions. 

Groups for exercise:

Group No. Role Name
1 Editor Samantha Dietz
Reporter Ricardo Garcia
2 Editor Travis Wynn
Reporter Jacqueline Vela
3 Editor Jonathan Guzman
Reporter Derrick Ow
4 Editor Allison Kruse
Reporter Gio Gaxiola
5 Editor Chris Nguyen
Reporter Jonathon Schaffer
6 Editor Madi Medina
Reporter Julia Coty
7 Editor Aidan Bostic
Reporter Jennifer Schildge
8 Editor Allison Kruse
Reporter Evan Reinhardt


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