Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Bank Robbery Leads


Straightforward leads:
A San Jose bank teller was held at gunpoint by a bank robber Monday morning.
Police responded to an armed bank robbery Monday morning in San Jose.
Kathy Conover, a bank teller at Life Savings Bank, cleverly diverts a robbery Monday morning at 11:30 a.m.
A Life Savings Bank branch was robbed Monday morning at 11:30 a.m. by a man identified as 35-40 years old.
Police responded to a robbery call at a Life Savings Bank on Monday afternoon after witnesses saw a half-naked man fleeing the scene.

Summary leads:
After robbing a San Jose bank Monday morning, a man fled half-naked suffering the pain of explosive red dye.
San Jose police found burnt pants while responding to a report of an armed bank robbery at the Life Savings Bank near 38th Street and Pacific Avenue.
On Monday morning, witnesses reported watching a man hopping and jumping around as an explosion happened in his pants a few blocks away from a reported bank robbery.
Hospitals are on the lookout for a man with severe burns in the crotch area after armed bank robbery.
An attempted bank robbery on Monday was thwarted by an alert bank teller who placed an anti-theft device into the loot bag.

Slight twist leads:
When a man entered the Life Savings Bank looking to steal money, he wasn’t expecting an exploding security dye pack inside the bag.
Burned jeans were found near a San Jose bank after an attempted robbery when an explosive dye pack went off in the robber's pants.
A police spokesman says that a still-at-large bank robber may have experienced explosive burns to his crotch on Monday.
A certain criminal may think twice about robbing banks again after literally being burned by his loot.
A bank teller saved the day with an explosive dye device after a man tried to rob Life Savings Bank.

Absurdity leads:
Today a bank robber has a useless bag of money and one less pair of pants.
A bank teller robbed at gunpoint got the last laugh after foiling a robbery with dye packs.
A man robbed a San Jose Bank Monday morning, receiving an explosive “gift” between his legs for his efforts.
A bank robbery went from bad to worse when the suspect decided to stuff the money down his pants.
An anti-theft device left a San Jose bank robber half-naked, stained red and burned.
Exploding pants may just be the new way to stop bank robberies.

Play-on-words leads:
A man suffered the blow of an explosive dye pack inside his pants after robbing a San Jose bank Monday morning.
Authorities are looking for a bank robber who was left red-handed after there was an explosion in his pants.
On Monday, a bank robber discovered that cold cash can actually be searing hot.
A man who robbed a local bank Monday has not been caught red-handed … yet.
The robber of Life Savings Bank may not yet have been apprehended by police, but he has definitely taken the heat for his actions.
A bank robber may have lost both his cash and his "jewels" thanks to a bank anti-theft device.


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