Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Working on Headlines


Here are some story leads and nut graphs from the Spartan Daily from five years ago today.  What would be some good headlines for these stories?
  1. Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Association quickly organized a vigil on Saturday, after seeing news of the murder of more than 49 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15.
    The on-campus organizations publicized through different forms of social media to bring as many people together as possible at the vigil.

  2. At the fifth annual Silicon Valley Women in Engineering Conference on Saturday, top female executives and technologists met with female engineering students to explore emerging technological trends and career opportunities. 
    “Whatever opinion we [women] have, we should find it out and take a strong stance on that,” said software engineering graduate student Vidhi Sharma. “Especially with machine learning and artificial intelligence, women have a different perspective to every point.”
    The conference was developed with certain topics in mind – artificial intelligence, automation and climate change. Engineering innovation is a critical success factor in response to these issues, according to Belle Wei, the conference chair.

  3. A pellet-gun shooting outside the Delta Sigma Phi house, near the intersection of 11th and San Antonio streets bruised one San Jose State student during a party, early Sunday morning according to the University Police Department.
    Investigators alleged that the pellet-gun shooting stemmed from an earlier incident, where two men were turned away from a party at the Delta Sigma Phi house, according to UPD Lieutenant Jim Renelle.
    Renelle explained that the hosts of the party declined to grant admission to the two men because they appeared not to be students and had no affiliation with the school.

  4. During the 2019 Don Edwards Lecture at San Jose State on Friday, three speakers discussed how students could connect to soldiers experiencing hardships when returning home.
    Dozens of students listened to veterans and advocates discussing struggles away from the battlefield.
    Joshua Mantz, a veteran who had been shot and flatlined for 15 minutes while serving in Baghdad, Iraq, explained how his own experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) pushed him to learn more about behavioral science as it
    related to trauma.

  5. Eager Spartans crowded the doors of the Student Union Theater where Disney Television Studios recruiter, Serah Vieira, waited at the podium to greet them.
    The recruiter had a smile on her face as she was introduced as the first Disney representative to come to the university.
    Vieira began her presentation describing how students can start a career with the famous studio.
    “I admire what San Jose State has done here for a long time,” Vieira said. “This is the most production-ready school out of all the other schools."

  6. The members of the Spartan esports “League of Legends” team are the 2019 Mountain West Champions and first team to qualify for the national play-ins after sweeping Boise State in Las Vegas this weekend.
    “This win shows me that the time and effort we spent practicing through the season was worth it,” jungler Gautham “Trackpad Only” Rangaraj said.
    Since 2011, the esports club on campus has been managed by the student-run organization Spartan Starleague, but as of Fall 2019, the team is now considered a club sport, joining the ranks of sports such as lacrosse, soccer and water polo.


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