Journalism 130: Prof. Craig: Elements of Newsworthiness

Elements of Newsworthiness

• Timeliness: News is what's new; it just happened and people need/want to know
• Proximity: Things that happen nearby or will have effects in your area are newsworthy
• Prominence: Audiences are interested in things that happen to celebrities, politicians or other well-known people
• Impact: Something that had, has, or will have long-reaching or significant effect is newsworthy
• Conflict: Can be physical or emotional; open conflict or covert; people vs. people; people vs. nature
• Oddity: People are always interested in the unusual – either person, place, time, event, or context is out of the ordinary
• Human Interest: Audiences identify with other people's achievements, struggles and quirks – usually entertaining or amusing
• Shock Value: Stories involving death, scandal, and other lurid or bizarre elements


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