Journalism 50: Chapter 1 Interview Clips

Chapter 1 Interview Clips

These are audio clips from some of my interviews for the Navigating the News book and a previous one.  Some of this material is quoted in the book, while some ended up on the cutting-room floor but is interesting and relevant nonetheless.  

Gerald F. Seib, columnist, Wall Street Journal:

  • On how a reporter puts a story together:


  • On the price journalists pay for making mistakes:



Kevin Fagan, reporter, San Francisco Chronicle:

  • On reporting from the scene rather than sitting in the office:


  • On what a reporter must do to excel at the job:



Katie Nelson, reporter, Sioux Falls Argus-Leader:

  • On balancing your job and your emotions:


  • On learning and working with sources:


Devin Fehely, reporter, CBS5 San Francisco:

  • On the importance of credibility:


Kevin Acee, sportswriter, San Diego Union-Tribune:

  • On neverending deadlines:


  • On the frenetic nature of reporting in the digital age:


  • On speed vs. accuracy and completeness:




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