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Spring 2017 Courses:
MCOM072: Mass Communication and Society. Provides an introductory overview of contemporary mass media systems and an examination of the various factors -- historical, economic, political and cultural -- that have shaped their development. 
MCOM103: American Media History
. Provides an overview of the development of mass communications in the United States from colonial times to the present. Examines social, economic and political factors that shaped modern media and the impact of mass media on the society.   
JOUR135: Reporting, Editing and Management (Spartan Daily/Student Media). A team of reporters, photographers and editors will produce the Spartan Daily online publications as well as its daily newspaper and magazines. The editors will direct the coverage, including digital photography and audio/video streaming. 
MCOM298: Special Studies in Mass Communications. Independent studies in specific areas of mass communications; submission of thesis/project proposals.  

Fall 2016 Courses:
MCOM072: Mass Communication and Society.  See description above. 
JOUR135: Reporting, Editing and Management (Spartan Daily/Student Media)
. See description above. 
JOUR139: Media and Presidential Elections. Course will examine the role of mass media in U.S. presidential election campaigns, comparing and contrasting media use in previous campaigns with that in the ongoing 2016 campaign.   
MCOM280: Communication Management (Information Gathering). Prepares graduate students to effectively gather information for news stories, ad campaigns and other communication projects. Includes discussion of how to interview news sources and use electronic resources to acquire and verify facts, plus learning about audiences and their preferences to more effectively create and analyze content in a wide variety of media.