Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Sidebar Stories

Sidebar Stories

For this assignment, you will work together in groups to come up with a topic for a story and sidebar assignment.  You will come up with an idea for a main story and a secondary sidebar story and pitch it to the class next time.  One of you should write the main story and the other should write the sidebar, and each of you should edit the other's work, but you may share interview material and relevant facts for each other's part of the assignment.

The story and sidebar will require a minimum of four interviews and 1000 total words across the two pieces. The main story should be longer and more general, and the sidebar shorter and more specific.   

Groups for exercise:

Group No. Role Name
1 Main Story Leslie Magana
Sidebar Danny White
2 Main Story Royvi Hernandez
Sidebar Andrea Briseno
3 Main Story Denise Billones
Sidebar Breanna Corona
4 Main Story Rodri Smith
Sidebar Kenia Bustos-Caballero
5 Main Story Benny Garcia
Sidebar Cindy Maciel
6 Main Story Isalia Gallo
Sidebar Kylie Harrop-St. John
7 Main Story Elsa Castro
Sidebar Felix Oliveros
8 Main Story Katie Hoedt
Sidebar Dominique Huber
9 Main Story Samantha Herrera
Sidebar Stephanie Lam
10 Main Story Olivia Gerber
Sidebar Lexie Shezifi



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