Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Working With Reporters

Working With Reporters

The assigning editor's job goes beyond just fixing mistakes in a story.  Editors must work with reporters on generating and developing story ideas that are relevant to their outlet's audience.  In this exercise you will work in the groups below -- one of you as the reporter and one as the editor. 

You will work together to take a national or international story and give it a local angle for a story to be written for this class.  For the purposes of this assignment, "local angle" isn't limited to something specific to SJSU, but rather to our local area. 

The two of you should work together on choosing a story idea, an approach that localizes the story and a preliminary list of people you would seek to interview.  You will meet in your assigned groups for the remainder of the class period, then present your story ideas next time.  I will remain on the Zoom call in case you have questions. 

Groups for exercise:

Group No. Role Name
1 Reporter Benny Garcia
Editor Katie Hoedt
2 Reporter Denise Billones
Editor Olivia Gerber
3 Reporter Kylie Harrop-St. John
Editor Stephanie Lam
4 Reporter Daniel White
Editor Lexie Shezifi
5 Reporter Rodri Smith
Editor Elsa Castro
6 Reporter Felix Oliveros
Editor Leslie Magana
7 Reporter Royvi Hernandez
Editor Dominique Huber
8 Reporter Kenia Bustos-Caballero
Editor Samantha Herrera
9 Reporter Cindy Maciel
Editor Andrea Briseno
10 Reporter Isalia Gallo
Editor Breanna Corona


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