Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Campus Quirk Story

Campus Quirk Story

The Campus Quirk is a story about any element of SJSU or the people within it that is unusual, unexpected or otherwise quirky.  It's up to your group to decide what fits that description.  The story will be 500-750 words with a minimum of three interviews. 

Today you will take the remainder of the period to decide on a story idea, then present it to the group next time, when we will brainstorm the topics and hopefully contribute some useful advice.  

You may divide the labor in this assignment in any way you choose, but the finished project must go through a minimum of one round of editing within the group before submission.  Edit each other's work however you see fit.  Your deadline for turning in the completed project will be Wednesday, Sept. 23.

After it's been turned in, each of you will submit the Group Activities Form and let me know who did what within your group. The form is due within 24 hours of when the story is due.

Groups for assignment:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Katie Hoedt
Benny Garcia
Breanna Corona
Rodri Smith
Denise Billones
Lexie Shezifi
Stephanie Lam
Isalia Gallo
Elsa Castro
Daniel White
Andrea Briseno
Royvi Hernandez
Leslie Magana
Olivia Gerber
Felix Oliveros
Kylie Harrop-St. John
Samantha Herrera
Kenia Bustos-Caballero
Dominique Huber
Cindy Maciel





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