Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Bad Writing Assignment

Bad Writing Assignment

Today's assignment: Go to your assigned news outlet (see below) and find an example of what you think is poor writing.  The example doesn't have to be new -- you can use anything available on the site in question, as long as it's 500 words or more.  

You don't need to write anything up -- just be prepared to show your example to the group next time and discuss why you think the writing is bad.

Groups for assignment:

New York Times Fox News Washington Post  San Francisco Chronicle Huffington Post Washington Times San Jose Mercury News
Denise Billones
Olivia Gerber
Cindy Maciel
Andrea Briseno
Kylie Harrop-St. John
Leslie Magana
Kenia Bustos-Caballero
Royvi Hernandez
Felix Oliveros
Elsa Castro
Samantha Herrera
Lexie Shezifi
Breanna Corona
Katie Hoedt
Rodri Smith
Isalia Gallo
Dominique Huber
Daniel White
Benny Garcia
Stephanie Lam





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